Our Easter Weekend

Last Easter me and my little girlies were living in the Midwest near family.

It was warm and the all the trees were in bloom and the grass was green- it was quite a different sight this year.

We were welcomed with a winter snowstorm this Easter up here in the north.


But that didn’t make us think less spring and despite being a little disappointed at the sight of more snow, I have to say it was a beautiful sight.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate.

It reminded me again that something beautiful can come out of something heartbreaking.

I look around at my little family, at my love, and am amazed at where life has brought us.

It isn’t always easy but it is oh so beautiful, and full of laughter and joy.

It is us.



I always go a little bit overboard when it comes to trying to figure out how much we need of something- I blame it on coming from a big family.

Like making enough food to feed a army instead of a family of four- well I got enough candy to last us three Easters. lol

More for me though right??! And isn’t that one of the best parts in getting ready for the easter egg hunt is eating all the candy as you stuff the eggs? its mine lol Although this year I handed that job over to Evan.

One of our favorite family traditions for Easter is the egg hunt.

These couple months have been full and I am learning to plan things out more carefully- we went really simple this year with Easter.

I found these wire Easter baskets at HobbyLobby for under four dollars each and I love them!!

I love finding things I can repurpose or use again in the future and these baskets are one of those. They are adorable and functional.

also I have a thing for wire baskets haha I don’t know why.

Because of the snow storm Evan hid the eggs everywhere in the house, then we arrived after he was done and away they went running around trying to find all them- Poet was such in a rush she didn’t want to take her coat or shoes off lol.

All in all it was a very successful egg hunt.


I am not sure who enjoys decorating eggs more- me or the girls.

It is my absolute favorite!!

we boil a dozen eggs each for the girls and then let the magic and creativity begin.

We had our family dinner of Pot Roast which is also my favorite- and super easy to make.

I found a Pot Roast kit at ALDI (we shop there a lot lol yay for family budget friendly grocery stores!!) and it was delicious.

We ended the day in a food and sugar coma.

Our snow is still on the ground as I write this but it is melting and hopefully soon will disappear and we will be seeing some green grass and budding trees.

I would love to hear about your family Easter Traditions- what are some of your favorite dinners to make or ways to decorate eggs.



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