O a k s of A c o r n

Every brand I work with has a beating heart behind it with inspiration and creativity.

I am so privileged that I get to share these beautiful pieces with you  amazing work of a fashion artists but something more meaningful, heart.

Oaks of Acorn is one of those brands.

They have been popping up on my Instagram feed for awhile now, and every time they do-

not only do their pictures of their beautiful pieces of children fashion have this magical touch to it, but it has a story.

Having two girls- they have the love of getting dressed up and pretty with mama, and that makes my heart so happy. I want to cultivate that love of art and beauty in their life. Finding brands that support that is meaningful to me.

So excited to introduce to you, my beautiful readers, O a k s of A c o r n.

“We want your children to have fun, discover their imagination with no limits, just like we discovered our brand. This is where the fun continues…”

Based in New York & Hong Kong.

Z o e y is wearing the Piecing Top With Pocket Treasure from Oaks Of Acorn SS15 Collection. Made out of 80% Polyester and 20% Lurex

When she first saw this top she was completely delighted over the Pocket of Treasure. This shirt is really brilliant in the details. Its light enough for a Summers day and perfect shirt to wear into fall weather.

Z o e y actually dressed herself here, choosing her favorite “ballerina” dress to pair with *OOA Top.

P o e t is wearing the beautiful Pinafore Dress they make, also from Oaks Of Acorn SS15 Collection.

This little dress is just simple, elegant and completely darling.

The pleated yoke and mosaic embroidery is perfection.

It is made out of 100% Linen. It has little pockets!!! My girls love any clothing with pockets, a perfect place for rocks and wilted hand picked flowers.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these beautiful pieces of clothing. I loved being able to share them with you and I make sure you hop over to Oaks of Acorn site and check out their Collection.

Click below to find where you can purchase—

Piecing Top With Pocket Treasure.

And also where you can purchase the—

Pinafore Dress.

Lots of Love!! Xx Faith

*OOA -Oaks Of Acorn.

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