The l i t t l e Details


First off, I am not a organized person. Just had to put that out there, lol.

Growing up I shared a room with my sister, and she would draw a invisible line and my side was 95% of the time a complete tornado of clothes. And of course hers was spotless. 😀 But thankfully life changes people and I’ve been learning how to become more organized- my house is  definitely no Martha Stewart magazine. And clothes and toys are scattered throughout my house like dandelions.

For the unorganized ( me ) making a routine is the MOST important.

Having that first cup of coffee in the morning, to vacuuming the living room after breakfast. Its those little details that make the day run smoothly and organized for me.

Z o e y, my oldest, loves helping me clean. Doing laundry and picking up the living room and vacuuming is her favorite. I seriously wonder how this girl is actually mine. She is pretty awesome!!

Turning on our music making a dance party out of the every day cleaning makes it WAY more fun.

Being organized doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on totes, shelving and labels. For a very disorganized person as myself the best way for me to be organized and STAY organized is to Minimize.

In the almost four years of marriage me and my husband have moved once a year a sometimes twice. Moving is fun- I am a gypsy at heart, but it is also a pain. After the second move I just had it with packing all this STUFF! I started throwing it away. And it felt AWESOME!! Getting rid of things that I had held onto for years was not easy at first. Gifts from other people to me where the hardest to get rid of. I somewhat felt guilty as though giving away a mug or throwing away a card would be saying i didn’t appreciate them or their gift. Its not easy but once you declutter your life- everything seriously falls in place. It opens up your soul and refreshes it.

“Procrastination can wait for Tomorrow.”
― Michelle Marie

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